Nour [‘N:UR]

Definition: 1. The endless and eternal light 2. The feeling of satisfaction and happiness
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design + integrity

Nour Architecture is a local design firm based in Houston, Texas. We are motivated by a passion to create buildings and spaces of exceptional quality with reliable and client driven service.

Our clients come first, every single time. It is important for us to clearly understand all of the project limitations and needs so that we can bring our client’s project to life in the most feasible way possible.

There are many different styles and project directions that may be utilized. Whatever the scale or typology, we will work closely with our client to ensure that their vision is being fully realized.

Health, safety, and welfare is one of our leading priorities. We will work hard to ensure that all applicable codes are being met and that the built environments are satisfactory for occupancy and utilization.

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about the firm

Our Mission.

Nour Architecture is small but dedicated firm that is local to Houston, TX.  We are motivated by a passion to create buildings and spaces of exceptional quality with reliable and client-driven service.

With over 5 years of experience within the architectural and interior design profession, we are prepared to accommodate needs that range from small test-fits to large new building constructions.  Fueled by a youthful energy and design innovation, Nour Architecture will work hard to bring every client’s vision a reality.

Client-Based Design.

Nour Architecture does not boast one specific style typology.  Each individual or business entity holds and represents a unique idea and style.  We will work to ensure that we cater to these distinctive aesthetic desires and create a space that fulfills both the functional and creative needs of our clients.

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Our Services

Space PlanningSpacePlanning

Working closely with our clients, we can plan or fit out the most effective spaces for all required needs.


Passion lies within creating exceptional structures. We strive for the best harmony of function and design.

MasterPlanningMaster Planning

Looking at the context of the site as a whole, we can organize the overall site for new and future work.

InteriorInterior Design

With innovative approaches to design, we can work with our clients to create fresh and inspiring spaces.

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Contact Us

Let us know how we can help you today.  Your inquiry will be responded to within 24 hours.